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Clash Detection - We help in design coordination by performing clash detection to resolve the internal conflicts between components and activities during the pre-construction phase to avoid costlier errors during the construction phase. Thus it can be used as a very effective tool for Risk Mitigation before commencement of any project.

4D Scheduling - Time schedules showing the sequence of construction activities

Virtual Mock-ups and Digital Prefabrication - By creating 3D virtual mock-ups of complex parts of your project, you can quickly analyze design alternatives, save time, reduce risk, and solve design and constructability issues in advance of construction.

Cost estimating - The BIM created by our team greatly enhances productivity by allowing easy use of information such as quantities, specifications and manufacturer's details, and provides interactive links between architectural, engineering and construction document related information.

Architectural Visualizations our extensive background in 3D renderings combined with the 3D Virtual Model will enable our clients to visualize the interior and exterior views of the building. We also create Animation and Walkthroughs for our clients which increase the visual impact.

3D printing highly specialized in architectural scale models we have utilized the capabilities of BIM software since the late 90s and early in 2000 to create the model layouts and various parts and components using SLA and 3D printing technologies