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3D and BIM Studio
At ArchiBIM we have the capability to work with most of the BIM and 3D software used in the architectural industry. Our team members are proffesionally trained in ArchiCAD and Revit and have the experience to produce highly effective and detailed BIM models in every stage of the integrated delivery process.

Scale Model Shop
We utilize 3D computer modeling in the process of understanding the main structures and components of the scale model. This also allows us to export directly to the in-house laser cutter for precise manufacturing of the model parts, and at the same time to produce 3D stereo-lithography and printed parts that exceed the quality and precision of any hand made assembly or structure.

Our Northern Virginia facility is equipped with an up-to-date paint booth room, a miniature tool room, and more than 10 assembly stations with capabilities to fabricate up to 7 models at the same time.

All of this combined gives us the opportunity and the advantage to complete all stages of model making in one location without the need to use outside vendors, which contributes to high quality production, low cost, and guarantees on time delivery.

Directions to our office: